What Does Cannabis Do to Your Brain?

What Does Cannabis Do to Your Brain?


Now that marijuana is squarely in the limelight, many people are taking an interest in the way the drug works. As cannabis legalization efforts gain steam, many constituents want to know exactly what cannabis does to the brain and whether or not it is safe. Fortunately, there is plenty of literature available about the effects of the plant. 

Active Ingredients in Cannabis

The marijuana plant contains a variety of different active ingredients. The two most commonly recognized are the cannabinoids THC and CBD. THC is the chemical agent responsible for creating the high that marijuana users experience. However, it is also known as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. CBD is more known for its medical applications as a mood stabilizer and sleep aid, among other things. Each marijuana strain contains its own blend of these two ingredients. 

Cannabinoid Receptors

The next question is how these chemicals work in the brain. Interestingly, our bodies already produce natural chemicals called endo-cannabinoids. Our brains contain cannabinoid receptors that receive these chemicals and use them for pain reduction, mood stabilization and more. The cannabinoids in marijuana act to replicate the qualities of our endo-cannabinoids, and are readily accepted by the cannabinoid receptors in our brain. This is what makes them effective at changing our mental state and treating a variety of symptoms. 

The Effects of Marijuana

Now that we understand how our brains use cannabinoids, it is easy to see why we are affected by marijuana in general. Further research has shown us that certain cannabinoids can be used to artificially induce our brains to relax, or to increase appetite, or even to feel more focused. Cannabis connoisseurs spend a significant amount of time looking at specific strains of marijuana to understand the unique chemical combination that makes it work, and to determine what its potential uses are for the general public.

Arizona Organix

Arizona Organix can guide you toward a strain that fits the symptoms you are reporting most effectively with few side effects. After all, many people want the positive effects of pain relief and relaxation, but they may not want to risk short-term memory disruption or impaired functioning in the meantime. 

Currently there are hundreds of different cannabis strains on the market, and more blends becoming available on a regular basis. The effects of each one depend on the chemical compounds inside, so it is always wise to seek expert help in determining which strain would work best for your symptoms.