Does Cannabis Expire?

Does Cannabis Expire?


As far as drugs and expiration go, cannabis does not expire the same way your regular pharmaceutical products do. In fact, properly stored marijuana does not generally become less effective or change flavors over time.

It also isn’t subject to chemical separating the way some liquid products are prone to doing. Ultimately, if you’ve discovered a long-lost stash of marijuana, the only factor that really seems to matter is how well it was stored. 


The quality of the flower you buy at your local medical marijuana dispensary is often controlled by the amount of moisture present in the bud. Medical marijuana that has been left to dry out for too long will lose that tiny bit of residual moisture, which can cause a drier, harsher smoke.

On the other hand, if your cannabis is stored in a plastic baggie that collects moisture over time, your bud could become too wet to smoke properly, and may begin growing mold.

You will need to inspect your bud closely for signs of mold before you smoke if you notice that it is unusually moist. Glass jars are the best way to store your stash so that moisture cannot build up or evaporate over time. 

Heat Exposure

Another important factor is whether or not your hidden stash was exposed to heat or freezing temperatures. For instance, if it slipped under your car seat and you find it months later, the chances are that your car reached very high temperatures during that time and started the process of breaking down the cannabinoids.

This isn’t really a matter of your marijuana expiring so much as the heat causing the same chemical reaction that you get from smoking, which may reduce the overall effectiveness of the marijuana. It is best to keep your cannabis stored at room temperature so you can be sure that the cannabinoids are not released during storage. 

As long as your cannabis is properly stored, there really is no shelf-life limitation. However, most medical marijuana dispensaries recommend using your marijuana in a timely manner to ensure you get the most out of the product.

The longer you store your cannabis, the more likely it is to become dried out or to experience a chemical breakdown due to heat exposure. If you ever think that your cannabis has grown moldy, you should avoid smoking it as mold can have harmful health effects. 

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