How MMJ is Used to Treat Cancer in AZ

How MMJ is Used to Treat Cancer in AZ


Even before the modern era of medical marijuana in Arizona, cannabis was part of folk remedies for many thousands of years. With today’s technologies, however, it is becoming clear just how valuable medical cannabis can be for patients suffering chronic diseases.

Cancer patients, in particular, can benefit a great deal from medical marijuana.

Cannabis & It’s Helpful Properties

To date, there is no evidence marijuana can eliminate cancerous cells or reverse their growth in humans. Even so, it has many other helpful properties. Marijuana can reduce or even suppress many of the negative symptoms associated with aggressive cancer treatments.

For example:

Nausea and Vomiting

Many people undergoing chemotherapy experience nausea and vomiting on a daily basis. In fact, these are among the most common symptoms associated with chemotherapy. Smoking marijuana can help to alleviate them.

Neuropathic Pain

As cancer progresses, many people suffer from pain caused by nerve damage – neuropathic pain. Those with diabetes also typically develop neuropathy in the legs and feet. Whether smoked or vaporized, inhaled marijuana can reduce pain.

Better Food Intake

The side effects of chemotherapy can make it difficult for patients to keep down food and liquids. Even once a meal is consumed, the body may have trouble processing its nutrients. Cannabis helps make eating, drinking, and retaining foods easier.

Potential for New Treatments

Although marijuana has not been shown to actively combat cancer in humans, recent research suggests it can interfere with the growth of cancer cells in a lab environment. Some animal experiments have also had positive results.

Medical Marijuana Can Be a Useful Adjunct to Conventional Cancer Treatment

Patients should follow doctors’ instructions and use cannabis in a complete treatment plan. That could include chemotherapy or medication. Most patients use MMJ each morning, in smoked or vaporized form, with intake varying based on pain levels. Usage continues until complete remission of cancer.

No matter the form of cancer or treatments used, one thing is for sure: There are great signs showing the effectiveness of marijuana in elevating patient quality of life. Plus, cannabis can help protect against opiate addiction.

At Arizona Organix, we take our duty to Arizona’s cancer patients seriously.

We believe that medical cannabis has an important part to play in helping more people to overcome cancer. We work closely with patients and physicians to ensure we have high-quality products that meet the needs of those requiring cancer care. To learn more, contact us.