How MMJ is Used to Treat Hepatitis C in AZ

How MMJ is Used to Treat Hepatitis C in AZ


Hepatitis C & Treatments

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that affects liver functions and is usually fatal. Despite its long history, researchers have yet to discover a cure for the infection. As time goes on, patients suffer from a lengthy list of symptoms, including liver shutdown, liver cancer, fatigue and chronic joint pain.

Patients usually undergo intensive medical treatments to slow down the progression of the infection, but those treatments come with their own side effects. Marijuana appears to be one way of reducing the impact of side effects and making life with Hepatitis C more bearable. 

Boosting Mood and Energy Level

Patients with hepatitis C often indicate that they are fatigued and depressed. Many of the drugs prescribed to treat the infection do little to make this better.

In fact, some patients say they skip their medication or treatment from time to time because they can’t afford to be slowed down by the fatiguing effects. The tradeoff is often that their health continues to worsen over time.

Researchers recently found that using marijuana helps boost patients’ moods and makes them more likely to complete their treatments according to the doctor’s orders. Thus, the medicine is better able to do its job. Marijuana can help patients regain energy, find their appetite and deal with the nausea brought on by their treatments. 

Further Research

Currently the research related to Hep C and marijuana is limited to observational studies. Some doctors fear MMJ could be introducing other negative health factors, but most doctors agree that the downsides of MMJ don’t outweigh the importance of helping patients keep up with their prescribed treatment course.

Further research is being conducted to discover the long- term potential of MMJ for hepatitis C patients and other ways it may help treat the infectious disease.

Arizona Organix

Patients suffering from Hepatitis C will be happy to know that medical marijuana in Arizona offers a reprieve from the difficulties of regular treatment.

You can visit your local Arizona Organix medical marijuana dispensary to learn more about which strains can help you relieve the chronic fatigue, loss of appetite and pain caused by Hepatitis C drugs.

With the help of MMJ you can improve your quality of life and be better able to follow your treatment routine.