Can MMJ Help Kids with Autism?

Can MMJ Help Kids with Autism?


Over the last several years there have been a number of stories about the life-changing effects of medical marijuana for children with autism. In light of these reports, the public has become aware of the chemical compound cannabidoil (CBD).

Unlike marijuana strains heavy in THC, CBD is considered non-psychoactive. Thus, more and more people are learning that there are strains of marijuana that can be used specifically for treating medical issues without the high.

The Success Stories

Several years ago, a marijuana strain called Charlotte’s Web became wildly popular. The strain was named after a young girl who suffered neurological symptoms that were successfully treated with the high-CBD content of the strain.

Now, more and more parents are considering the use of CBD oils for treating autism directly. Since autism presents in many different ways across the spectrum, the potency and application of the concentrated CBD oil can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the child.

Parents have reported that a small dose of CBD oil can interrupt an attack caused by autism, such as violent outbursts or anti-social behaviors, and the concentrated oil takes effect very quickly. 

What the Science Says

In the U.S., it has been very difficult to gather enough research to support the positive effects of MMJ. Part of the reason is that researchers cannot get the funding they need to launch large-scale studies here.

However, other parts of the world, like Israel, have been more receptive to the medical applications of marijuana for autism, and there are currently more than 110 studies taking place in Israel alone to study the efficacy of marijuana as a long-term treatment option.

There is significant concern from pediatricians and other medical professionals about the effects of CBD on brain development over the course of the child’s life. However, many marijuana advocates have argued that before switching to CBD, their children were faced with a lifetime full of opioids and other prescription drug cocktails to manage symptoms. 

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