Strain Spotlight: Papa’s OG

Strain Spotlight: Papa’s OG


If you’ve been looking for a marijuana strain unlike anything else on the market, we’d like to take a moment to share with you the wonders of Papa’s OG, a unique strain cultivated right here in Glendale, AZ, at the Arizona Organix headquarters. This extremely potent, indica-heavy hybrid strain is growing rapidly in popularity due to its strength and other characteristics. 

How Papa’s OG Came to Be

An important part of understanding any strain is its lineage. In this case, Papa’s OG is powerful blend of Skywalker OG and OG Kush, two very popular strains in their own right. Both of these strains are hybrids themselves, but are definitely more on the indica side of the spectrum. Thus, Papa’s OG touts an impressive 80 percent indica profile. 

The Breakdown

When you first spot a fresh batch of Papa’s OG on the shelf you’ll immediately notice that it is a deep green frosted over with orange and white tendrils. It gives off a slightly sweet grape aroma with a hearty earthy base note. You will find that the grape comes through even stronger once you light it up. 

This particular strain manages to crash through numerous barriers with a THC content of nearly 25 percent. However, it has a very low CBD content of only 1 percent. Thus, it has been widely used to create a thick body high and helps you relax worry free.

For those who use medical cannabis in Arizona, this strain is prescribed for stress relief and pain; however, users need to be prepared for the full body and mind effects before trying this one. Compared to other cannabis strains, you might find that this one is a little less functional if you have errands to run or work to do. 

All in all, Papa’s OG has gained some notoriety in Arizona because of its high THC content and the brilliant flavors it offers. It has several uses for medical patients, including insomnia, stress relief and pain relief, because of how heavy the high is. Even for those who normally choose a sativa strain, this could be the one that changes your mind forever. 

Arizona Organix

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