Why You Should Try SAP from Arizona Organix

Why You Should Try SAP from Arizona Organix


At Arizona Organix we know the importance of quality concentrates to your daily routine. That’s why we created SAP to add to our menu. SAP is an award-winning concentrate that has earned a great reputation for its effectiveness and purity.

We are putting SAP in the spotlight so you can see why this concentrate has become an all-time favorite. 

About SAP

The goal for SAP was to create a pure distillate made from the highest-quality cannabis plants available. Unlike other concentrates, Sap is not diluted by flavorings, PEG or other chemicals that can alter its taste and effectiveness.

It is created using innovative technology that allows up to 95 percent THC in every single drop. There are few other cannabis concentrates that even come close to this level. It is highly effective as a stress reliever and anxiety reducer, leaving you euphoric and happy after even the tiniest dose.

SAP has been released in vape pen form as well as capsules and raw concentrate so you can choose a product that best suits your needs. 

Award Winners

SAP Vape Pens have been disrupting the industry by proving that there’s a better way to enjoy pure concentrates. They took first place in the Vape Pen category in Arizona for both 2016 and 2017. SAP capsules also took home second place for edibles. They were recognized as being vegan friendly!

Finally, raw form SAP won first place for Sativa Non Solvents in Arizona in 2016. All of this just goes to show that cannabis connoisseurs are craving concentrates with higher-grade materials and manufacturing practices. With SAP, that’s exactly what you are getting. 

SAP at Arizona Organix

If you’ve been searching for a concentrate that really gets to the bottom of your anxiety and stress and roots them out, SAP is the one for you.

At Arizona Organix you can choose any one of our SAP products to help you manage the chaos of day-to-day life. We also have a large selection of other cannabis concentrates at our dispensary in Glendale, so you can pick up a variety of products to get you started.