Can You Legally Bring Marijuana From Nevada or California into Arizona? Everything MMJ Patients Need To Know

Can You Legally Bring Marijuana From Nevada or California into Arizona? Everything MMJ Patients Need To Know


With more and more states taking up the pro-marijuana banner, there continues to be confusion about the rules when it comes to transporting your MMJ between states.

To some, the idea of moving product that is legal in both the state where it was purchased and the state you’re headed seems logical. Unfortunately, it’s the federal government you need to watch out for, not the state governments.

Here’s what you need to know: 

No Border Crossing Allowed

Currently, marijuana is still a Schedule I controlled drug according to the federal government. Whenever you come to a state line, you enter the realm of interstate regulations, which are handled at the federal level. Even if marijuana is legal in both states, crossing state lines with marijuana is a federal offense. 


Currently marijuana in Arizona is restricted to those who possess a medical marijuana card. Nevertheless, residents of the state are increasingly willing to cross into California or Nevada to enjoy some recreational bud. You can feel free to enjoy marijuana while you’re traveling, but beware as you head back home. Give it away to a friend or dispose of it safely, but don’t risk carrying it back across state lines, even if you have a medical card in Arizona and can legally possess marijuana in your home state. 

In addition, you should plan on reading up about local laws before you travel. While recreational marijuana has been legalized in Las Vegas, for instance, the use of marijuana is very restricted, including a ban on smoking at your hotel. Make sure that you are partaking in an approved location lest you get yourself into trouble with the local authorities. 

Maybe Someday

Ultimately, everyone in the MMJ community recommends extreme caution when you are traveling with marijuana. While it’s unlikely that the DEA is sitting at the state line waiting to pull over tourists and haul them off to federal courthouses, the reality is that crossing state lines with marijuana is still illegal across the board.

Even if you don’t get picked up by the DEA, you could get picked up by local police departments who will still charge you with transporting the drug illegally. It’s a nightmare best avoided by keeping your medical cannabis well within state lines at all times.