How MMJ is used to treat Chronic Pain in AZ

How MMJ is used to treat Chronic Pain in AZ


By many estimates, chronic pain is the condition most frequently treated by medical marijuana in Arizona. Chronic pain is a catch-all term that refers to pain that persists beyond the ordinary course of an acute disease or injury. It can be continuous or intermittent, and last for a number of years.

To be diagnosed with chronic pain, a patient usually must show symptoms for at least three months. Likewise, the pain must be severe, typically shown to interfere with usual daily activities or work. Chronic pain can arise on its own or be caused by many different conditions.

Up to 100 million Americans suffer chronic pain. Although it’s impossible to know how many people in the Phoenix metro area experience chronic pain, thousands of Arizonans have specified chronic pain as their reason for using MMJ.

From July 2012 to June 2013, about 26,500 Arizonans started using MMJ for pain.

How Medical Marijuana is Used to Treat Chronic Pain in Arizona

Chronic pain can be caused by many conditions, including Arizona qualifying conditions.

People with pain from cancer, HIV or AIDS have traditionally smoked medical marijuana. This helps suppress feelings of nausea and make vomiting less likely. It also helps many patients in maintaining their appetite.

Patients suffering painful seizure diseases often smoke as well. Vaping cannabidiol oil (CBD) has become popular in recent years because of increasing medical attention to CBD’s anti-seizure properties.

Chronic pain can be caused by inflammation, as in the case of arthritis and many immune system disorders. In this case, medical marijuana can be applied directly to the problem area in the form of oil. 

Have Chronic Pain? Use a Medical Cannabis Dispensary You Can Trust

Thanks to Arizona’s forward-looking medical marijuana laws, nobody has to suffer in silence when they have severe, chronic pain. A wide range of treatments can significantly reduce pain.

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