Strain Spotlight – Sour Purple OG

Strain Spotlight – Sour Purple OG


You may have heard rumors about an incredible indica strain that is winning awards and gaining fans by the day. Sour Purple OG is now available here at your medical marijuana dispensary in Glendale, Arizona.

So what is it that makes this strain so special? For starters, it comes straight from our team at Arizona Organix, so it is a locally grown strain that you can’t get just anywhere, but there’s so much more to know and love about this strain!


strain spotlight sour purple og medical strain

When you first spot some Sour Purple OG on the shelf you’ll be taken by surprise. It has deep red-gold tendrils running through it beneath a dusting of fine white hairs. The scent is pungent and earthy, drawing you in. You’ll enjoy the sour and sweet taste of this bud. Once you’ve seen this incredible flower in person you’ll never doubt
all of the rave reviews you’ve heard.


strain spotlight sour purple og medical

With such a high THC content, it’s no surprise that many people choose Sour Purple OG to help them fall asleep at night or relax in the evenings. You can secure a pretty good body buzz without a heavy couch lock with this flower. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to stimulate your appetite just a little bit. Of course, pain relief is where this strain really shines.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

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If the description above doesn’t make Sour Purple OG stand out from all the other cannabis strains around, you’ll surely be impressed by the fact that it won Best Flower Indica at Errl Cup 2017. While this wasn’t our only win at this event, the Sour Purple OG is definitely one of our biggest wins yet!

If you’re ready to check out Sour Purple OG for yourself, come on in to Arizona Organix before it’s gone! This strain is in limited supply and there is huge demand. We also have a huge selection of other strains available from indica, sativa and hybrid strains. You can check out our menu online anytime to see what we have in stock.

We are always here to help serve the people of Glendale and the rest of the Valley of the Sun with incredible products that come from the very best growers around. Don’t forget to ask about our other award-winning strains while you’re here.