How MMJ is Used to Treat Severe Nausea

How MMJ is Used to Treat Severe Nausea


When it comes to the effectiveness of medical marijuana, one of the biggest discussion points is how MMJ is used to treat people who suffer from chronic nausea. Severe nausea can present in a variety of ways from one patient to the next, from an upset stomach and queasy feeling to more extreme vomiting and vertigo. In some cases the nausea may become debilitating if it keeps one from standing or working for extended periods of time.

Medical marijuana has been shown to reduce these symptoms in patients and help them relax without fear of being sick. Here’s what you need to know:

Causes of Nausea

There are a variety of reasons that people experience nausea, although one of the most common reasons today is chemotherapy. Those who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatments can experience wild bouts of nausea that are often left untreated. Other people experience vertigo or nausea after a head injury.

How Cannabis Helps

While most of us think about nausea being a reaction in our stomachs, the reality is that nausea is actually a mental condition. It is a feeling produced by our brains as a result of some outside factor, such as a hitting your head really hard or undergoing chemotherapy.

Thus, the treatment for nausea does not need to be something that treats the stomach, but rather something that treats the brain. In this case, smoking or vaping medical cannabis is highly effective. This medical marijuana treatment allows the THC to be absorbed quickly and go straight to the brain where the cannabinoids can block the receptors that make you feeling nauseated.

Effective Cannabis Strains

Your Arizona medical marijuana dispensary can help you find a strain that is highly effective at treating nausea. For instance, Blue Dream is a high-THC strain that is commonly administered for nausea patients. Other options include OG Kush and its descendant, Papa’s OG. Depending on when you experience nausea most often, you may want to consider searching for strains that leave you clearheaded or those that help you relax before bed.

Arizona Organix is the premier cannabis dispensary in Glendale with everything you need to treat chronic and severe nausea. To learn more about which strains are best suited for treating your nausea, stop by our shop today and speak with one of our team members.