Strain Spotlight – Cali Cactus

Strain Spotlight – Cali Cactus


Cali Cactus is a fascinating new strain that has been making its way to dispensaries like Arizona Organix recently. It was created from a cross of the already popular Cactus and the incredible Mendo Breath. The two combine to form a truly balanced hybrid strain that is enjoyable and delicious.


Cali Cactus grows to be medium or large in size with large, light green buds covered in trichomes and bright tendrils of orange and yellow flow through the plant. It has a very strong earthy and pine fragrance, but you can pick up some sweeter notes in the mix like the lemon that comes from the original Cactus strain. It’s rich and tasty.


Given that both Cactus and Mendo Breath are indica-heavy strains, it’s no surprise that this hybrid is also deep into the indica territory. This strain is widely used to relieve pain and headaches and can do wonders for your mood by providing you with an intense euphoric feeling.

There are few cannabis strains that can create such an intense feeling of relaxation. In fact, some people have warned that you could wind up couch locked if you’re not prepared for what this strain has in store.

Cali Cactus is a relatively new strain and there is limited information available about its properties thus far. However, we expect to see it catching on more and more as it offers high yields and a quick growing period.

If you are a fan of either Cactus or Mendo Breath, you should definitely consider seeing what Cali Cactus can do for you. It brings together the best of both worlds while boosting the indica dominant traits that have made these strains so popular on their own.

Finding the Perfect Strain for You

Anyone seeking medical cannabis in Arizona should stop by Arizona Organix’s Glendale location. Our budtenders are here to help you identify which strains are best suited to your needs. We are proud to offer Cali Cactus alongside a variety of other popular strains used for treating pain, nausea, stress, anxiety and other conditions. We know that each individual is unique, and we take great care to ensure that we are able to find a strain with properties that closely match your needs.