Strain Spotlight – Dolato

Strain Spotlight – Dolato


There are few things as exciting as discovering a new strain of cannabis. In our world, we’re constantly searching for the next big thing in medical marijuana. The latest strain to make waves here in Glendale, Arizona, goes by the name Dolato, and we are here to give you a preview of what this strain has in store for you.

The Parents

First up, the best way to get to know any new strain is to first learn about its parents. In this case, DoSiDos was crossed with Gelato to form Dolato. Both of these strains come to you from the cookie family so they tend to be sweet tasting and smelling. Thus, Dolato provides many of the same attributes, including a lightly sweet scent that wafts up to you from the moment you first open the container.

You’ll Love the Look

One of the most exciting features of Dolato is its appearance. The deep green color of the buds is accented by super thick oranges and purples. The whole thing is frosted white, giving you the sense that there is powerful stuff at work here.

What to Expect

It’s important to know what you should expect the first time you take a hit of this monster. If you were to ask anyone what they thought of this strain on the first hit, they’d likely tell you their first impression is a general cleanliness and lightness.

Despite the colors and scent of the buds, this stuff really doesn’t have a heavy-handed flavor. It’s pretty subtle and smooth and lands in the back of your throat nicely. While the strain is indica heavy, it can definitely be considered a functional daytime strain. The high is just enough to let you relax without taking you too far out of the zone. It would be great for a mid-afternoon hit to get you through the evening.

So far many people love what Dolato has to offer, and we expect to see much more of it coming around now that seeds are available. The earliest phenotypes have had gorgeous coloring and an enticing flavor.

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