5 Reasons Why SAP Caps are Better than Edibles

5 Reasons Why SAP Caps are Better than Edibles


Arizona Organix proudly rolled out our SAP capsules in 2016 and immediately began winning awards for these incredible products. Most recently, our SAP caps claimed a big Errl Cup win for 2017.

Here are five reasons that more and more cannabis users are choosing to take marijuana in pill form instead of edibles.

Higher Concentration of THC

SAP was designed to purify and streamline the concentrate process so that users could get the highest levels of THC in every drop. With edibles, it’s easy to see how the THC becomes diluted when it is mixed with other ingredients. In addition, the THC may interact with some of those ingredients and become less efficient for your body to process.

Low-Calorie Alternative to Edibles

SAP capsules do not contain any unnecessary calories, so you can stick to your diet without having to worry. This is especially true if you’re trying to achieve an ideal dosage and you’re concerned that you’ll have to snack on edibles all day long. Since most edibles come in the form of desserts and candies, the calories can quickly add up.

Longer-Lasting Effects

SAP caps make it possible for the THC to be absorbed faster by your body and stay longer. Due to the extra high concentration and purity of the concentrate inside the capsule, your body is able to manage the effects better, even in very small doses. Thus, you can take a single pill and be good to go for the whole day.

Very Discreet

If you’re concerned about people seeing you eating edibles or using a vape pen, these capsules are a great choice. These pills are very discreet and easy to take. They can be purchased in single doses or in five-packs.

Easier to Control

With many edibles, reaching your perfect dosage can be somewhat complicated. You need to count out candies or cut up brownies into precise measurements. With capsules it is easy to see exactly how much THC is inside and adjust your dosage up or down by choosing a different capsule strength. No mess, and no complicated measurements necessary.

These are just five of the reasons that SAP capsules have been gaining steam in the marijuana industry over the last two years. Arizona Organix is the only place to pick up award-winning SAP caps to get you through the week. Stop by today and speak to one of our team members to find the perfect SAP capsules for you!