What is the Difference Between THC and CBD

What is the Difference Between THC and CBD


Learning the difference between THC and CBD is an essential part of understanding why some cannabis products are used for medicinal purposes while others are used for recreational purposes. Both THC and CBD are compounds found in the marijuana plant, but they have drastically different effects on the mind and body. THC is most commonly thought of as the drug that gets you high, while CBD is used to affect the body and doesn’t create a high. Here are a few differences you will find:

Psychoactive Properties

The most significant difference between THC and CBD is the psychoactive component. THC does affect the mind and produces that familiar euphoric feeling that we think of as being high. On the other hand, CBD has more of a physical effect and does not produce a high or any psychoactive impairment. In fact, the more CBD there is in a cannabis strain, the less THC there is.

Bodily Effects

THC is not generally responsible for strong bodily effects, other than the claim that it causes the munchies or makes you couch locked. On the other hand, CBD has been found to have a profound range of physical effects including pain relief. For this reason, it is often extracted into an oil and used topically instead of being smoked. Also, CBD tends to have an energizing effect which will wake you up and push you to get things done.

Legal Status

For the most part, both CBD and THC products are illegal in much of the US without a medical card. However, more than half the states have approved medical use of these products in limited amounts. The debate over CBD vs. THC has primarily been responsible for this legalization effort and its success.

Product Options

There are tons and tons of product options available for both THC and CBD, so you should always pay attention to what you’re buying. For the most part, you are likely to find THC in many candies, chocolates, and other edible products as well as a variety of concentrates.

For CBD you are likely to find lots of concentrates and topicals, as well as a selection of edibles designed for medical usage.


Finding the right strain is of utmost importance as you explore marijuana. With THC and CBD differences being so pronounced, you will want to speak to a qualified budtender to learn about the amount of each ingredient in your strains. It tends to be much easier to find high THC strains, but there are many CBD strains created specifically for medical users.

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