Microdosing with Marijuana: 5 Major Benefits

Microdosing with Marijuana: 5 Major Benefits


Microdosing is one of the most talked about topics in the marijuana industry these days, so what is it? Essentially, microdosing with marijuana is a means of consuming marijuana in very small amounts so that your body gains the beneficial effects while your mind doesn’t quite get hit with the high. This allows you to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana without subjecting yourself to unwanted side effects such as drowsiness. Here are a few benefits of marijuana microdosing to consider:

Emotional Benefits

Microdosing with cannabis offers a marked benefit to your emotional state. It provides just the right amount of uplifting without putting you out of your clear cerebral space. You can still function and fully appreciate the improvement in your mood.

Health Benefits

For those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety or depression, microdosing can also be more effective than taking large doses spread throughout the day. This system allows you to better manage your pain or discomfort without any negative cerebral effects. This prevents you from hitting dry spells between doses where your symptoms re-appear in full force.

Social Benefits

Socially speaking, microdosing can make it easier to make it through dealing with the public without looking or acting high. For many people, this means getting through the workday or attending public events. It also reduces the feeling of paranoia that somebody may know that you’re high when you go out.

Ease of Use

Microdosing makes it particularly easy for you to manage your marijuana intake while reaping the most benefits of the medicine. In general, edibles or concentrates are the easiest way to measure your doses precisely, while smoking is the hardest method for measuring your intake. Once you get it down, you will find that you are saving a ton of wasted product.

Improved Control

Everybody is different, so achieving the proper microdose can be a challenge. Nevertheless, this system gives you the greatest level of control over how much you are taking in and what constitutes a dose. You can experiment freely to find a dose that puts you just on the edge of being high without going overboard.

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