Cannabis for Migraines: How it Can Help

Cannabis for Migraines: How it Can Help


Migraines are characterized by intense pain (pulsing, throbbing or piercing) located on one side of the head, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. These painful episodes can last for hours or even days, and can be so severe that they are incapacitating. Some people can experience up to 15 headache days a month over a three-month period. This frequency is defined as chronic migraines and can be disabling to those who are suffering.

The causes of migraines can be uncertain, ranging anywhere from diet, stress, or hormonal imbalances. Some people never discover the cause of their pain, making migraine treatment very tricky. Some sufferers report finding relief from common NSAIDs and prescription medicine. Too often, however, these treatments lead to dependency and severe side effects. Withdrawal from these medicines can also make migraines even worse.

Can Cannabis Help Migraines?

The relationship between marijuana and migraines has been known for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese texts list cannabis as an effective treatment and doctors used marijuana as recently as the late 1800s to treat migraines in the United States.

Recent studies have shown that using marijuana for migraines is not only effective but also safer than prescription migraine medicine and present fewer negative side effects. In a study presented at the 3rd Congress of the European Academy of Neurology, THC and CBD was administered in varying doses to 127 people suffering from chronic migraines and cluster headaches. The results showed that those who received a 200mg daily dose of THC and CBD experienced 55 percent less pain than those who received a lower dose.

The same study showed that cannabinoids are just as suitable as a prophylaxis (preventative measure) against migraines as the most commonly prescribed medication on the market. These results are made more impressive by the finding that users being treated with cannabinoids reported fewer stomach aches, muscle pains and colitis than those taking the prescription medication.

Moreover, the study reinforced earlier research that using medical marijuana for migraines can reduce their frequency by over 85 percent while also minimizing their pain intensity.

Best Marijuana Strains For Treating Migraines

The following strains have been found to provide migraine relief:

  • Sunset Sherbert
  • Big Bud
  • Blue Diamond
  • Blue Dream
  • T-Sage
  • Tri-Fi
  • Triangle Kush
  • Somango
  • Papa’s OG
  • Orange Sherbert
  • Dream Temple
  • Candy Corn

Arizona Organix carries many different strains, and you may require some experimentation to find those that work best for you. Our staff will assist you in narrowing down the best cannabis for migraines and your symptoms.

If you suffer from migraines and are eager to find relief, talk to your doctor about using medical marijuana as an effective treatment.

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