The 5 Key Benefit of Cannabis Oil

The 5 Key Benefit of Cannabis Oil


Cannabis oil is a highly volatile extract derived from the cannabis plant and includes many terpenes as well as the active cannabinoids THC and CBD. This makes it significantly different from CBD oil, or hemp oil, which contains only the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and can be extracted from hemp.

Due to its federal status as a schedule 1 controlled substance, research on cannabis products is limited and only some of the benefits of cannabis oil have been found. As of this writing, there are 5 known key benefits of ingesting cannabis oil on a regular basis.

Cancer Treatment and Prevention

The effectiveness of using cannabis oil for cancer symptom treatment has been known for decades. Cannabis is well known for treating nausea, pain, sleeplessness and stimulating appetite. Lately, however, there has been much excitement in the medial community over cannabis oil’s apparent ability to shrink cancerous tumors in mice as well as human patients. Preliminary findings also show it could prevent new blood vessels from becoming tumors and prevent the division of cancerous cells in human patients. Early research is promising and further study is guaranteed in this area.

Mental Health Treatment

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Cannabis oil is rich in compounds that release pleasure hormones and relax the mind. This makes it promising for treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health disorders. Cannabis can also promote deep, healthy sleep, without the risk of dependency and negative side effects of common sleep-aids. This healthy sleep can lead to more effective treatment of most psychological conditions.

Skin Care

Either taken internally or applied topically, cannabis oil can promote the shedding of older skin cells and promote the growth of new cells, leading to healthier looking skin. The oil can also promote lipid production, which aids in the fight of chronic skin conditions including psoriasis and acne. Finally, the natural antioxidants found in cannabis oil can be effective in preventing wrinkles, skin spots and other signs of aging.

Pain Management

The use of cannabis in easing pain and inflammation has been documented for thousands of years. Modern studies have only reinforced this history with hard evidence. Taken three times daily, cannabis oil has been proven to significantly reduce the severity of pain in those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and other chronic pain. It is better tolerated by the body than most prescription medications and is not habit forming.

Heart Health

Cannabis oil can balance out negative oils built up in the cardiovascular system, promoting better heart health. The oil can also stimulate antioxidant processes, such as ridding the body of excess cholesterol, which helps the heart work more effectively.

Research is discovering new cannabis oil benefits every day. To learn more about the health effects of cannabis oil and to experience them for yourself, visit Arizona Organix and speak to our expert staff.


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