Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat

Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat


Golden Goat is a 70 percent sativa dominant hybrid known for being as sweet as candy and incredibly potent. It’s THC levels can reach up to 23 percent and give strong body effects with the social alertness you would expect in a milder Sativa. A prevalent strain in Colorado, Arizona Organix is proud to be giving this strain a new home.

Golden Goat’s Origin

Golden Goat is the result of a happy accident in Topeka Kansas in 2012: a sneaky male Hawaiian-Romulan plant pollinated a female Island Sweet Skunk. Their love created a crop with a sweet aroma and a thick sea of trichomes. The most fertile of these offspring was nicknamed “Golden Goat,” after the odor coming from various soda-syrups melding in the hot sun at a Golden Goat recycling machine.

Strain Description

Golden Goat looks like an indica, with dense, lime green leaves and medium-length, pink pistils. The buds are very sticky and covered in amber trichomes that give them a golden sheen when held up to the light. When you’re hit by the sticky sweet smell of mentholated lemon zest, and the tropical scents and grenadine come out of the bag, you’ll understand why the Golden Goat name seemed appropriate.

Flavor Profile & Experience

When smoked, the taste of Golden Goat is very faithful to its aroma. Sweet, tropical, sour, spicy and slightly earthy notes pepper the tongue when it’s inhaled. Here’s where beginners and novices to cannabis tend to cough, as the smoke can be thick and acrid and tickles the throat. The odor of the smoke has been described as extremely pungent, so plan accordingly.

Strain Effects

The effects can creep up on you slowly, beginning with a “buzzy” cerebral high and enhanced senses. In a short time, those effects give way to complete physical relaxation beginning from the neck and radiating through the whole body – accompanied by a subtle sensation of floating. Though relaxing, Golden Goat will rarely cause couch lock, making it great for those who medicate during the day but still want to remain somewhat productive. These relaxed body effects can last between 1-2 hours.

Those who review Golden Goat refer to the positive effects as happy, energetic and relaxed, with some warning that too much can lead to cottonmouth, paranoia and anxiety. Best to go slow until you’re familiar.

Ideal Conditions

Every strain can treat specific conditions better than others. The Golden Goat strain is perfect for medicating:

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Lack of appetite
  • PTSD
  • Daily stress

Try The Strain at Arizona Organix

Exited to try it? Stop in to Arizona Organix today and ask our budtenders if Golden Goat is right for you. If not, they will assist you in navigating our menu to find the cannabis strain that best suits your medical concerns. We look forward to helping you!