10 Tips for First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

10 Tips for First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients


Are you still waiting for your medical marijuana card to arrive in the mail? You could spend this time staring at the clock wishing it would move faster, but then the days will feel like weeks. Instead, try to take advantage of this time by learning as much as you can about the plant, the industry and the decisions you’ll soon have to make as a medical marijuana patient. Here’s a list of tips we wish someone had given us before we made our first medical cannabis purchases.

1. Research

Now that you’re a new medical marijuana patient, the world of legal cannabis is at your fingertips. It’s a massive world and can seem rather overwhelming at times. Luckily, learning about medical marijuana in Arizona can be fun! There are plenty of resources for you to feel comfortable with your first MMJ purchase:

2. Decide What You Need From Cannabis

Your first purchase should be dictated by your medical condition and the symptoms you hope to alleviate. Learn the differences between THC and CBD, Sativa and Indica, and the different terpenes that can make up cannabis. These insights will help you narrow your options down and make a purchase that perfectly meets your needs.

3. Choose Your Method of Consumption

How you medicate is just as important as what you medicate with. There are several options available to you, all with their own pros and cons.

  • Smoking: This is the classic, inexpensive and easy option, but it could cause breathing problems in the long run.
  • Vaporizing: This option is more discreet and possibly healthier than smoking. However, you will need to invest in pricier equipment.
  • Eating – Edibles are easy to transport, powerful and long lasting. Just keep in mind that they can be an expensive option for daily medication.
  • Topical – Cannabis-infused topicals like lotions and creams are very pleasant and can contain little to no psychoactivity. However, they are not very effective for symptoms such as nausea and anxiety.

4. Experiment

There are hundreds of strains of cannabis sold, so it is very unlikely that you will find your perfect strain in your first try! Expect to try many different products before you settle into a few that suit your needs. Keep a journal listing the positive and negative effects of each strain until you find a match.

5. Dose Carefully

There’s no need to go overboard to experience the benefits of medical marijuana. Whatever product you’re using, start with a small amount and work your way up until you experience the desired results. Remember: everything is better in moderation.

6. Don’t Share

This may seem counter to what your parents taught you, but sharing isn’t caring when it comes to medical marijuana. It’s illegal to distribute marijuana in Arizona without the proper licensing, and the penalties can be severe.

7. Remember the Set and Setting

Your first few experiences with cannabis can be disorienting until you know what to expect. Take time to control the environment where you’ll be medicating to ensure you’ll have a relaxed experience. Here are some ways you can improve the setting and effects:

  • Turn on some soft music
  • Clean up any clutter
  • Shut off your phone
  • Dim lights if possible
  • Avoid hectic or stressful situations
  • DO NOT operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery

8. Don’t Panic

Some users may experience paranoia or anxiety if they take too much cannabis. Remind yourself that it’s only temporary and it will pass. Also, keep in mind that not every strain will cause you to feel paranoid or anxious. If you had a bad experience with one strain, just be sure to avoid it in the future and try strains with different characteristics.

9. Keep it Private

Be sure that you only consume marijuana in the privacy of your own home. As of the writing of this article, Arizona prohibits the use of marijuana in public settings.

Also, remember that there’s still some legal grey area when it comes to employment and marijuana. It may be best to avoid talking to your co-workers about your MMJ status until you know for sure how it may affect your work status.

10. Ask Questions

The industry is advancing faster than most of us can keep up. New strains, advances in vape technology, medical studies and legal interpretations are just some of the news that we chart daily. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! As cannabis advances, your experience with it should as well.

More likely than not, our staff at Arizona Organix has the answers to all of your medical marijuana questions. We are happy to talk with you about any of your concerns, and we would love to help you choose the best products for your needs. Contact us today or visit us in person for more guidance!