Federal Marijuana Laws: What You Should Know

Federal Marijuana Laws: What You Should Know


Staying up to date on federal marijuana laws should be a high priority for anyone who regularly uses cannabis products, even if you live in a state where the laws are already favorable. Currently, state and local laws contradict federal laws, and we are all keeping an eye on how federal laws and penalties are changing to adapt to the current culture. By understanding the facts below, you can better protect yourself.

Not Much Has Changed

Despite the fact that states first started legalizing marijuana back in 2012, the issue has not made any real progress in the federal system. If anything, marijuana proponents have lost some ground thanks to Jeff Sessions and his official memos stating that the federal government would be looking to ramp up their prosecution of marijuana charges, rather than slowing down.
While there hasn’t been much action to back up those threats, it does have everybody on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next. In the meantime, marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug on the federal level, and there is little evidence that that decision will be overturned during this administration.

The DEA is Acting Friendly

Despite the threats raining down from the justice department, the DEA has actually taken a different stance. They have recently acknowledged that while they do have the ability to bring federal charges against dispensaries and cultivators under federal law, they are following the wishes of the states and not bringing charges against any business that is following their state’s legislation.

However, if a dispensary is operating outside of its local laws, then it could still be charged with any applicable crime at the state and federal level.

Senators are Listening

In 2014, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer provisions extended certain protections to medical cannabis users. Unfortunately, those protections have expired, but there is some good news on the horizon. More and more representatives are getting on board with these protections and actively working to support legislation that will make those protections permanent for all residents of the US.

There are currently a handful of bills making their way through the House and the Senate that would end the prohibition on marijuana and grant states more rights in choosing what’s best for them. These bills have been gaining support with more than two dozen members signing on in the last few months.

Here at Arizona Organix, we love helping patients understand their rights under the current state and local laws. Additionally, our experts are diligent about following all applicable laws when it comes to manufacturing and selling our products. By making us your Arizona dispensary of choice, you can trust that you are buying your cannabis products from a trustworthy, law-abiding source who cares about your safety and rights.


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