What Are The Best Strains for Anxiety and Depression?

What Are The Best Strains for Anxiety and Depression?


Due to the recent legalization of medicinal, and in some states, recreational cannabis, new research is constantly being produced on the various benefits the cannabis plant can have. Some of this research, combined with feedback from many patients and consumers has recently suggested that cannabis can have a positive effect on those who suffer from both anxiety and depression.

Particular strains and types of marijuana have more of an effect than others. It should also be noted that high dosages of THC can increase anxiety and nervousness so to consume for depression, it is recommended to stay with strains of a moderate THC level. Every person is different though so that results may vary.

Another aspect of the effects of a particular strain is the terpenes of that particular flower. Terpenes are the aromatic oils inside each plant that give it its flavor, and they can be a good indication of the effects of that strain. The two terpenes that are recommended here are limonene (citrus flavors) which provides an uplifting effect, and linalool(sweet, flowery flavors) which is great for anxiety. Conversely, musky, piney and woody flavors tend to be sedating, and or focus improving, so they are not recommended as the best terpene flavor profiles for depression and anxiety.

With all this new info, if a consumer is looking to consume a strain of cannabis for anxiety or depression, they should lean toward a sweet, citrus, flowery type of strain and it should give them the effects they desire.

We here at Arizona Organix would like to take a moment to highlight some of the best cannabis strains for anxiety and depression keeping in mind the guidelines given above. When in doubt, make sure to ask your budtender, or review the description/menu to get the flavor profile of the strain you are considering.

Blue Dream (Hybrid)

The legendary West Coast strain of Blue Dream is a blueberry indica crossed with a sativa haze. Blue Dream has a sweet berry aroma and a strong euphoric effect on the body. This strain is a favorite of novice and longtime consumers for its level effects and low sedation. It’s a great daytime strain for both depression and anxiety.

Blueberry (Indica)

If the blueberry indica in the blue dream is great in that hybrid, then by itself it also shines. Blueberry is a sweet fruity strain, with a strong euphoric, happy effect, which makes it another great daytime strain for anxiety and depression.

Bruce Banner (Hybrid)

Another great hybrid, this strain gets its name from the idea that The Dr. wouldn’t be a stressed monster and hulk out if he could partake in some of the strain named after him. A very strong strain, its euphoric, uplifting effects make it great for anxiety, depression, and stress.

OG Kush (Hybrid)

Kush has many varieties and names, but the OG strain and its lemon citrus scent make it a great strain to fit the citrus terpene profile mentioned earlier. With a very fast acting and the strong euphoric effect, this strain is reported to be very helpful with stress which can lead to both anxiety and depression.

Durban Poison (Sativa)

A sweet, sweet sativa, Durban Poison is a great uplifting non-sedating strain. Energetic and creative effects are also commonly reported with this strain making it great for all day use, as well as to combat anxiety and depression.

Grape Ape/Grape Pie/ Grape OG (Indica)

Grape Ape is a sweet fruity grape smelling strain that is a cross of Mendocino Purps, skunk, and afghani. There are many varieties and crosses such as a hash plant that continue the strains genetics and grape flavor. This popular purple hued flower provides serious relaxation making it great for stress, pain, and anxiety.

Lemon Meringue #2 (Hybrid)

A lemon skunk variant, this citrus packed skunky lemon strain packs an energetic, happy buzz that is great for stress and anxiety. The citrus terpene profiles in this strain are extremely evident, fitting with the previously mentioned terpene suggestions.

God’s Gift (Indica)

The child of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. God’s Gift comes with a grapefruit flavor crossed with OG Kush. Its citrus lemon terpenes allow this indica to share the properties of both strains. The fruity citrus of this strain makes it another perfect terpene combo for both anxiety and depression.

Arizona Organix is the best stop for all your cannabis needs. We are conveniently located in west Phoenix, and currently, carry all of the strains mentioned. Take a look at our menu, and come on in today to purchase the best strains available for anxiety and depression.