Everything You Need To Know About Travelling to Arizona & Medical Marijuana Cards

Everything You Need To Know About Travelling to Arizona & Medical Marijuana Cards


Many people enjoy the sweet high that cannabis brings both recreationally and medically. However, those traveling to the Grand Canyon state may be confused with Arizona medical marijuana regulations as they differ from most states. Here are answers to the most important questions marijuana users should know before traveling to Arizona.

Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?

Marijuana use is permitted for medical purposes in Arizona; however, recreational use is still banned. This means individuals with proper registered medical marijuana cards are allowed to make use of cannabis according to their prescribed dosage, whereas, those who do not possess an MMID may not.

Can Travelers From Outside Arizona Use Marijuana?

Travelers coming from outside Arizona can use marijuana if they possess valid document allowing them to use it for medicinal reasons in their home state. As stated by a ruling made by an Arizona appellate court, whether another state’s medical marijuana law requires an identification card, a physician’s letter, or some other documentation is immaterial, so long as the documentation is sufficient under the law of the issuing state. ― State law enforcement is required to treat any such documentation the same as they would an Arizona medical marijuana card.

Are Travelers Permitted To Buy Marijuana From Arizona Dispensaries?

Travelers coming into Arizona are not permitted to buy from dispensaries in Arizona; however, they can possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana if they hold a registered medical card. In these scenarios, matters become tricky as cannabis is still illegal under federal law. The US Border Patrol can inspect vehicles at its checkpoints and seize any marijuana they find; therefore, travelers should be careful when transporting cannabis across state lines.

Can Drivers Receive a DUI After Using Medical Marijuana?

Drivers can still receive a Driving Under Influence charge with possession of valid medical marijuana documentation. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in drivers who test positive for marijuana or its metabolites to still be prosecuted, however, A 2016 ruling by the same court allows medical marijuana users options to prove they were not intoxicated at the time of arrest.

Is Medical Marijuana Permitted on College Campuses?

While medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, it is illegal on college campuses under any circumstances. They may also not use marijuana in a public location or on public transportation as the use or possession of medical marijuana is illegal in all other types of schools (pre-school, elementary, middle, or high school,) school buses, or correctional facilities.

High Times in the Grand Canyon State

While Arizona medical marijuana laws can be a bit limiting, there is no reason why you should suffer during your visit to the Grand Canyon State. If you have a proper medicinal card from another state that allows reciprocity, visit Arizona Organix for exceptional products and knowledgeable staff.

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