Everything You Need To Know About THC Capsules

Everything You Need To Know About THC Capsules


It was not too long ago that the only ways to get high were smoking buds or hash. As cannabis has become more accepted and legalized, new methods for helping patients have been created. THC capsules are unique because they deliver a powerful high in the familiar form of a pill. ― Here is everything you may want to know about this new form of medicating.

What Is THC?

While this may seem like basic info to some readers, there are still many individuals unaware of the inner working of cannabis. THC is the commonly known abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive constituent of marijuana. There are many sources of THC, including buds (the flowering part of the cannabis plant,) edibles (food created with THC extract or buds), wax, or shatter (both are concentrated forms of marijuana).

What Are THC Capsules?

THC pills are an extracted form of weed’s chief cannabinoid placed into a capsule. Because THC is not water soluble, this psychoactive component is usually suspended in some sort of vegetable oil which allows the body to absorb it, letting you reach your high.

What Are the Benefits of THC Pills?

Many users prefer taking THC in pill form because they don’t feel comfortable with smoking or vaping. While there is no definite link between smoking pot and lung cancer, some users prefer not to take the risk.

Capsules tend to be more powerful and longer lasting as well. They’re also more discreet: users could easily take a pill in a social setting and their companions would be none the wiser. While patients need to learn how to smoke or vape, they already know how to take pills.

What Are the Drawbacks of THC Capsules?

Although pills have many advantages, many users still prefer smoking and vaping. While the pills are powerful, they need to be processed by your liver, requiring much longer to take effect.

The primary benefit for those suffering from pain and discomfort is the faster-acting nature of smoking or vaping THC. These methods also allow individuals to easily increase their dosage by taking a few extra puffs rather than an entire extra pill.

Where Can You Find THC Capsules?

Perhaps the greatest thing is that users do not need to choose between weed pills and other methods. One could take a few puffs of a joint for immediate relief or take a capsule for a powerful, long-lasting dose. To learn more about capsules and their benefits, contact Arizona Organix today!

Image: Roxana Gonzalez/Shutterstock