Strain Spotlight: Acapulco Gold

Strain Spotlight: Acapulco Gold


This crowd-pleasing variety is one of the most popular cannabis strains and for a good reason. Acapulco Gold’s ability to elevate the mood of the user paired with a warm aroma lead to a pleasant journey. This sativa strain is native to regions of Mexico. Over time, demand for this strain has steadily increased as distribution has become sparser. This product is desirable for both its rarity and superior quality. Cannabis aficionados revere Acapulco Gold for its gourmet standard.

Sativa varieties of marijuana are known for their effects on mood. This plant has a longer growth time, leading to a lengthier harvest process. It tends to have higher yields when grown outdoors.

Acapulco Gold has been around for over 30 years, and has even crept into Hollywood with countless references in film and television. In the United States, you will find it most often in both northern and southwestern states. Acapulco Gold has become a premium selection that’s sought after by both medicinal and recreational users.

The Appearance

Distinct golden pistils give this strain its bright name. The fiery accents stand out against the healthful green coloring of the plant. It’s coated in resins, which make the surface of the leaves sticky to the touch. The flowers take a considerable time to reach full maturity, but when they do, they’re characterized by heavy buds of brown and green tones.

The size of the stalk ranges from medium to tall, with a spectrum that tops out around 80 inches. Acapulco Gold is an extraordinarily resilient plant, able to stand up against afflictions that often cause other crops to fail.

The Scent

Acapulco Gold has a warm aroma punctuated with a rich and caramelized toffee scent that adds a touch of sweetness. There’s also a definite woodsy undertone that may create a comforting and familiar smell for anyone who consumes it. The earthiness gives this strain exceptional quality that makes it renowned in the world of cannabis. Acapulco Gold is potent in an extremely satisfying way.

The Taste

With spiced hints of nutmeg, the unique taste of this strain has an autumnal quality to it. The sweet and citrus smell blend effectively for a delightful finish. All these wonderful flavors contribute to a reputation of supreme indulgence. Many who try this strain are drawn to the medicinal benefits it provides, coupled with this pleasurable sensory experience. Acapulco Gold’s popularity is one factor that makes it so difficult to come across.

The Effects

Acapulco Gold is known for its fantastic cerebral effects, producing feelings of happiness and euphoria. Many people have noticed that this marijuana strain can alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. High levels of THC, contribute to the euphoric high of the drug. Some consumers report that this buzz gives you a boost that may counteract lower moods and tiredness.

The strain lacks a sedative quality, which means you won’t be too sleepy after taking it, and it’s less likely to cause nausea than other strains. Although it has been reported to cause dry mouth, many people think Acapulco Gold’s benefits far outweigh this possible effect.

The Overall Appeal

Acapulco Gold is considered by many as the best strain of cannabis available. This strain’s rarity puts it in high demand, which further drives the appeal for regular consumers.

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