How To Recycle Empty Cannabis Canisters

How To Recycle Empty Cannabis Canisters


As cannabis becomes more popular and widely legalized, an unintended side effect occurs. Cannabis consumers don’t always know how to properly dispose of their cannabis containers. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to ensure that all of your canisters don’t end up sitting in landfills for years to come.

Recycling Cannabis Containers

Most people who are environmentally conscious make a point to recycle as much as they can so plastic products don’t go to waste. Some people even avoid using plastic containers altogether. However, if you want to keep visiting your favorite medical marijuana dispensary, avoiding the containers is out of the question. If you recycle often or want to become better at it, here are a few essential things to know:

  • Recycling is not universal – Not every disposal company will accept all of the same products for recycling. Recyclable items vary even in different areas of the same state. Waste managers send their recyclable materials to be processed domestically and even outside of the U.S., to China for example. If the materials are denied for processing, they end up in a landfill.
  • Ask a professional if you are unsure – If you turn the canister over, there should be a number inside three arrows making a triangle, which indicates of the product can be recycled. Call your local materials recovery facility to determine what the numbers mean.
  • Glass gets more use than plastic – If your dispensary distributes products in glass containers, they will get more use once recycled than plastic items because plastic doesn’t last as long.
  • Your containers must be clean – Before putting any cannabis containers in the recycling bin, or any other recyclable products, you should wash them with soap and water.

Recycling can be a great way to reduce waste, but you may have to do a little digging to ensure that your items will actually be recycled and not end up in a landfill.

Alternative Uses

Cannabis containers aren’t made to be glamorous or attractive. They can be used in a variety of ways instead of immediately them away. Many of the small containers make for excellent storage for things you stow away in your purse or another bag. For example, coins fit neatly in the smaller containers and can be carried without getting lost in the crevices of your pant and purse pockets. This also applies to other small items such as jewelry.

  • One-hitter storage – Cannabis containers are a great way to travel with one-hitters and protect your bag from odor.
  • Hair accessories – Easily find bobby pins and hair ties by keeping them in a small container.
  • Toiletries – Larger containers can hold a toothbrush, razor, or other objects you’d like to keep separate from your luggage.
  • Organization – Keep objects like screws, seeds, or beads separate and clearly labeled for a clean and easy to use grouping system.
  • Single servings – Some containers are the perfect size for a single serving of a sauce or dressing for a meal on the go.

Dispensary and Charity Programs

To better serve their customers, many dispensaries have set up programs where you can bring your canisters back to their stores and they will recycle them for you. In some cases, a dispensary will allow you to use your canisters for new purchases, refilling them rather than giving you new canisters with every purchase. These kinds of programs are completely dependent on the dispensary itself because there isn’t any government regulation for this kind of waste. If you aren’t satisfied with the programs at your local dispensaries, you can donate your canisters to select charities and other organizations who reuse the canisters in a variety of ways.

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These are just some of the many ways you can repurpose your cannabis containers for everyday use. With some creativity, you could find a way to reuse your canisters. Arizona Organix is a medical marijuana dispensary with an incredible reputation for our products and service. Offering many types of cannabis, from flowers and CBD to kush and wax, you will always be able to find a product that suits your needs. To learn more cannabis and cannabis products, contact Arizona Organix today.

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