Strain Spotlight: Jack Herer

Strain Spotlight: Jack Herer


Jack Herer is one of the most popular sativa-dominant strains in the world, especially for patients who want a morning or daytime cannabis to address stress and depression. It creates a rush of energy that’s well-balanced with a sense of relaxation. Consumers report that it makes them feel alert and creative while easing stress at the same time, which makes it perfect for having conversations and being productive.

Jack Herer Origins

Cannabis cultivator Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer by breeding a Haze hybrid with a cross between Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The intention was to create a strain that embodied everything great about its lineage. Specifically, these breeders in the Netherlands successfully created a high-grade strain that offers both a cerebral elevation and heavy resin production.

Jack Herer was originally created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s and was later recognized as a medicinal-grade strain for distribution to Dutch pharmacies. The diverse genetic background has led to a few different spin-offs of Jack Herer throughout the years, but the overall features and effects of this strain are fairly consistent.

What to Expect from Jack Herer

Jack Herer doesn’t look especially imposing– it normally comes as, long, medium green buds. As soon as you get closer, though, you’ll start to sense that there’s something special about this cannabis. It has a sweet earthy scent as if you’ve come upon a patch of wildflowers while walking through the woods. When you break up the buds, you may notice a spicy citrus scent in addition to the other aromas.

The other thing you’ll notice when handling Jack Herer is that it’s very dense and sticky. There are plenty of trichome crystals on Jack Herer, which makes sense considering how potent this strain is. Jack Herer has been tested with a potency as high as 24%.

The high THC content found in Jack Herer manifests itself through a strong sativa experience, with just enough of an indica effect to keep consumers grounded. It’s popular at medicinal marijuana dispensaries because patients especially love it to address the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea

Patients report feeling happy, uplifted, energetic, and focused after consuming Jack Herer. The Euphoric experience can be enough to lift people out of their negative feelings and motivate them to get through their day. You’ll be able to do what you need to when you’re feeling less bogged down by depression or physical aches and pains.

Patients to report having a dry mouth or dry eyes after consuming Jack Herer, so you may want to make sure you bring some eye drops and a bottle of water with you as you go about your business. Other side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness are much less common, especially if patients are only taking small to moderate doses.

Many people use this as their morning or midday medicine because it doesn’t slow them down too much. Other strains may be better suited for nightly consumption, as the uplifting experience from Jack Herer doesn’t make most people feel tired or ready for bed. The well-rounded effects from this strain to make it a great starting point for patients who are new to cannabis. People normally feel comfortable in group settings or alone after consuming Jack Herer.

Where to Buy Jack Herer

Arizona Organix is the place to find Jack Herer near Phoenix. Our experienced staff will happily tell you everything you need to know about this strain and walk you through the rest of our products as well. Check our complete menu online or stop by and see us at the dispensary.