Celebrate 710 Day With Arizona Organix

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420 is an important number in the cannabis community, but 710 is starting to get higher recognition as well. 7/10 is a newer cannabis holiday and is also known as Oil Day or Dab Day. If you’re a dab enthusiast, you may want to start preparing yourself now for the big event this year. Read on below to learn more about how 7/10 became Dab Day.

Why is 710 a Holiday?

The origins of this holiday are likely from the fact that 710 looks a lot like “OIL” when you flip the number over. You can see this more clearly by typing it into a calculator then turning it upside down. People who love cannabis oil latched onto this and decided that 7/10 should be the national day of dabbing. The holiday started to pick up steam as early as 2012 and has gotten more popular as people gain more access to cannabis oils and other concentrates.

Since cannabis has become legal in more parts of the United States, concentrates are starting to become almost as widely consumed as flower itself. With recent trends in the market, we expect 7/10 to be even bigger and better this year. It’s dangerous to create cannabis oils at home, but now professional cannabis scientists have stepped in to develop a wide offering of products.

What Day is National DAB Day?

7/10 is national Dab Day, so you still have time to purchase some professionally made concentrates for the big holiday. Dabbing is an extremely fast and efficient way to consume cannabis and is popular among patients here in Arizona who require larger doses. Even a tiny piece of cannabis extract or a small amount of oil can provide a faster, stronger, longer lasting effect than just smoking flower.

Since oil, wax, and other extracts are safer and more potent than ever, this 7/10 is a great time to try dabbing for the first time. Whether you’re a first-time dabber or an old pro with your own great dab rig, this holiday is certainly worth celebrating. The process can be intimidating for some people at first, but an experienced friend or your local budtender can walk you through it.

Ways to Dab

The most traditional way to dab cannabis is with a dab rig. To do this, get a water pipe and the appropriate accessories for dabbing. You can use a dab nail made out of ceramic, quartz, or titanium as long as it fits into the gauge on your water pipe. Unless you get a domeless nail, you will also need a dome (or glass hood) to go over the nail to trap the vaporized extract in. To get your nail hot enough for dabbing, you’ll need a small torch lighter. You can get a kitchen torch like what chefs use to make creme brulee for a relatively low price. Now just use a dabbing tool to apply your concentrate.

The even easier way to dab is to get a dab pen. These come in both disposable and reusable options, and you can find them at your local dispensary in Phoenix. Dab pens are discreet and easy to use, even when you’re on the go.

Where to Find Cannabis Oil for 710 in Phoenix

We at Arizona Organix are proud to offer some of the best concentrates in Phoenix. No matter how you like to dab, our educated budtenders will help you find what you need. Come visit us before 7/10 (or any other time) to find premium cannabis oil!


Image Credit:  Roxana Gonzalez