Strain Spotlight: Sundae Driver

sundae driver cannabis strain

If you get stuck behind a Sunday driver on the road, it may take you a while to get where you want to go. The Sundae Driver strain of cannabis is quite the opposite– it gives patients the relief they want in a hurry. The name comes from the experience itself, which is definitely mellow and soothing. The calming effects of this strain make it worth a try for new cannabis patients as well as the more experienced crowd. Sundae Driver recently made it to Phoenix, so here’s what you need to know as you familiarize yourself with this strain.

Sundae Driver Origins

Sundae Driver was originally bred by Cannarado and further cultivated by the Jungle Boyz. Since some seeds have made their way to Arizona, some of the top local growers in the state have taken over to preserve the amazing taste, smell, and effects of this strain. It’s a cross of Grape Pie and FPOG (short for Fruity Pebbles OG) and has received excellent genetics from both of its parents.

FPOG itself has a rich genetic history, coming from Granddaddy Purple, Green Ribbon, and Tahoe Alien. It has a sweet taste that may remind you of one of your favorite childhood cereals and certainly makes some patients feel as happy and giggly as a child. Medical uses include stress, depression, insomnia, pain, and muscle spasms.

Grape Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid made from Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie. As you can imagine, this strain also has a delicious taste and is perfect for patients who love a sweeter bud. Grape Pie is known for enabling euphoric happiness in conjunction with a strong body buzz. People seek this strain out for anxiety, depression, and restlessness.

Sundae Driver Taste, Smell, and Appearance

With the parents it has, Sundae Driver was always going to have light, sweet notes. Its auto-inspired name may also come from the diesel flavor that’s mingled in with the creamy berries and grapes. This strain looks just as beautiful as it smells, coming in dense buds that are absolutely dusted with trichomes. Occasionally accented with purple, these buds almost remind us of actual berries that have been dusted with powdered sugar. Patients like the look of this bud and love the delicious flavor, but nothing compares to the effects.

Sundae Driver Effects

People who choose Sundae Driver often say it makes them feel a sort of uplifting happiness that gives them what they need to get up and go about their day. At the same time, this bud has enough of a balanced hybrid effect that the energy is still relaxed. One of the best things about Sundae Driver is it makes some people calm and excited at the same time– delivering a tranquil state that’s also marked by creativity and occasional cases of the giggles.

Paranoia and anxiety are rare with Sundae Driver thanks to its soothing abilities, and dry mouth is the only commonly-reported side effect from this powerful strain. Medically, people have used it to address both mental and physical ailments. Patients commonly choose Sundae Driver when they have any pain ranging from headaches to back tightness. It’s great for insomnia, too, which makes it a great choice for people who can’t sleep at night because of the physical pain they’re in. Other medical uses include stress and depression.

Where to Buy Sundae Driver

We at Arizona Organix are proud of our commitment to medical marijuana patients in Phoenix. Our full dispensary menu offers access to premium strains including Sundae Driver. Stop by today to see and smell it for yourself!

Image Credit: pancakenap420