What You Need to Know About Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds

In some climates, cannabis grows easily and naturally. To produce the quality medical patients are accustomed to, though, it takes great seeds and a meticulous gardening effort. As a dioecious plant, cannabis has both male and female seeds, and the female plant is what produces a potent smokable flower. Home growers must either start with all female seeds or remove male plants once they can be identified. Either way, the plan all starts with buying the right cannabis seeds.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Cost

In some states where cannabis is either medically or recreationally legal, patients may have the option to buy their own seeds. If you’re buying seeds that could include both male and female, you’ll need to start with at least twice as many seeds as the number of plants you want to have. The other option is to buy feminized seeds.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell if a seed is male or female just by looking at it. One option is to buy seeds that have all been identified as female by the vendor. The other option is to learn how to identify male and female plants as soon as they start to form buds in the pre-flowering stage. Female plants will have wispy, white pistillate growing from the location of their buds, while male plants will start to grow little egg-shaped buds. The only other option is to pay for scientific testing of a plant’s chromosomes.

The most efficient method is to start with feminized seeds, then keep a close eye on your plants anyway. Some vendors can’t make a complete 100% guarantee that their seeds are completely feminized, and it’s also possible for cannabis plants to be hermaphrodites– that is, with both male and female components.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary VS. Growing Your Own

Even if you have the opportunity to start with seeds that are 100% female, growing your own cannabis can be a long and difficult process. You’ll need to have plenty of room, a way to water them regularly, and a way to secure your growing. If you’re growing outside, it’s important to ensure people can’t see your plants, as cannabis theft is popular. If you’re inside, you’ll have to pay for expensive lights and find a way to keep contamination out of your grow area.

Whether you grow inside or outside, the seeds are only a small fraction of the cost to produce your own cannabis. You’ll need the right soil, possibly some fertilizer, and a lot of time and effort to produce good flower. This can be worth it if you’re an experienced gardener and are just growing for the fun of it. It your top concern is getting the final product, though, you’re much better off buying for a dispensary. It’s inexpensive to get flower from your dispensary, and you can rest assured that the quality has been ensured by experts.

Also, we need to mention to cultivate cannabis, it must be legal to grow in your area! Please check local cannabis laws before attempting to grow. For instance. In Phoenix, Arizona to grow cannabis legally, a qualifying patient or the qualifying patient’s designated caregiver may be approved by the Department to cultivate medical marijuana if the qualifying patient lives more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Phoenix

Here at Arizona Organix, we take pride in offering our patients some of the best cannabis in Phoenix. When patients shop with us, they know they’re getting cannabis from the best seeds, and flower that was grown ethically and carefully. As a result, we stand behind all the flower on our entire menu. Come talk to one of our experienced budtenders today, and they’ll help you find the exact right strain for you.

Image Credit: Omar Tomaino