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Learn More About Medical Marijuana

Learning about medical marijuana is an exciting journey of discovery. Cannabis can be used to aid in the treatment for a wide variety of conditions both mental and physical. While many people are aware of the impact cannabis can have on serious illnesses like epilepsy and cancer, Medical Marijuana can also be used to treat or alleviate a host of other symptoms and conditions that are difficult or burdensome to treat with conventional medicine.

As legal climates change around the country and around the world, more and more people are turning to this once-alternative form of medicine to do what modern medicine simply cannot. Many people today find themselves at the end of a long and exhausting road when they finally turn to cannabis for relief. While it’s never too late to learn, getting a head start now will help you make informed choices when the time comes.


Making decisions about your life and your future is never easy. With so much false and misleading data available, it’s more important than ever to find a reliable source of medical marijuana information you can trust. If you’re looking to make the leap to alternative medicine, it’s best to learn as much as possible before you do. Knowledge helps develop confidence not only in your choices but also in yourself. It’s this confidence that can help see you through in moments of doubt.

Within these pages, we’ve collected the most accurate information possible to allow you to make an informed choice about medical cannabis. From Arizona specific rules and regulations to general cannabis educational material, we’ve done our best to compile all the relevant info you need into one convenient place.

Here at Arizona Organix, our patients are important to us. As the first, and best Glendale dispensary, we feel an obligation to our patients and the community we serve. We’ve seen the impact cannabis can have on the lives of ourselves and others and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to spread this message while caring for others. If you have more questions or would like to sit down and discuss medical marijuana options be sure to contact us with the form below or give us a call!

Types of Cannabis Products

Everyone is different, and people have varying preferences when it comes to the type of marijuana they want to consume. Whether you are looking to try marijuana for the first time or are a seasoned user who is looking to branch out, it helps to know what each variation consists of. There are four primary categories to familiarize yourself with.


These are potent forms of cannabinoids, and you will find a variety of extracts, tinctures and shatters here. The potency makes concentrates great for treating chronic inflammation and pain.


CBD oil is another valid method of treating certain symptoms. CBD is another form of cannabinoid, and CBD itself is the single most active ingredient found in marijuana.


From sativa to indica, there are numerous popular strains available. There are even hybrid strains that combine the best aspects of the two. Each one produces a different effect.


Any strain you want can come in a tasty edible, such as a gummy candy, blondie or brownie. It is the perfect way to have something delicious while getting the exact dosage of marijuana you want.

Glossary of Top Cannabis Terms To Know

When reading up on the various cannabis-based products, you may come across various terms you do not understand. This can hamper your ability to select the best product for you. To help you differentiate between sativa, indica and everything in between, here are some of the most common terms to familiarize yourself with.


This is a hybrid plant wherein an offspring is bred with the parent to produce the desired traits. Many growers implement this to maintain rarer strains of marijuana.


This stands for butane hash oil. It is a potent concentrate that is made by dissolving the marijuana in its original plant form in a solvent, which is typically butane. This results in a strain that has an incredibly high THC level. It is sometimes referred to as “honey oil.”


This is simply the flower of the original marijuana plant. They contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids, and they are most often used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.


This is someone who actually works at the local marijuana dispensary. Budtenders have the knowledge to answer questions and provide recommendations.


Cannabinoids are unique to cannabis, and they are the chemicals that produce both physical relief from certain symptoms as well as the psychoactive effects. The most well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.


There are three variations within the cannabis genus: Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis sativa. While these plants were originally native to Asia, they have spread all over the world and can be grown anywhere under optimal conditions.


This is the abbreviation used for cannabidiol. There is a minimum of 85 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD has been used in a number of medical treatments in recent years, including ones to help treat anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain.


When two unique plant strains are bred together, they produce a cross. This process is referred to as crossbreeding.

Dab or Dabbing

This is a slang term that refers to taking a dose of cannabis by “dabbing” it onto a hot surface and inhaling it.


When a strand of cannabis has a particularly strong aroma, it is referred to as being “dank.”


This is the generic term used to describe any place where individuals can legally and legitimately purchase cannabis. Collectives, co-ops, pick-up locations, and access points are all dispensaries.

Hash and Hash Oil

Hash is derived from cannabis and is used for both medicinal and recreational consumption. To produce this, the cannabinoid-heavy powder needs to be collected and pressed. At that point, it is ready for use. While its potency can range, it is generally stronger than flowers on their own.


A hybrid is a plant that crosses multiple strains of cannabis. The strains are most often bred together on purpose to manufacture original plants that have desired qualities. A majority of the marijuana people find today is a type of hybrid.


Indica plants are often bushier and shorter than their counterparts. This strain tends to have a more sedative quality to it.


This refers to lines of cannabis that originally came from the Hindu Kush mountains. They are indica strains.


Sativa plants tend to be taller and require more time to flower properly. Instead of producing a sedative quality, sativa creates more cerebral effects.


This is another term used for BHO. Generally translucent and some times transparent in appearance, this is a more hardened form of concentrate.


This is the most available cannabinoid found in marijuana plants, and it is an abbreviation used for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the component responsible for producing the psychoactive effect known as “high” when people use marijuana.


This is a form of liquid cannabis extract. They are typically flavored and most of the time are made using glycerol or alcohol.


This is another variation of concentrate. This concentrate is named for it’s literal appearnace to that of ear wax.